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Don’t put the baby in the dirty bathwater! A Rejoinder (09/10/2015, EUDO Citizenship)

forum_jus_sanguiniBabies are born into a physical world and from actual bodies but they are not naturally born into families and citizenship. The latter are social conventions that demand our acceptance when they are justified and our courage to change and replace them when they are not. To my critics worried that abolishing ius sanguinis amounts to throwing out the baby with the dirty bathwater I reply that we should not put the baby in the dirty bathwater in the first place. Read more.

Welcome to E-stonia! E-residence and Citizenship in an Electronic Republic (09/09/2015,

Estonia eresidenceIn 2014 Estonia launched an e-residence scheme through which non-resident foreigners could obtain an Estonian digital identity card. By aiming to attract 10 million e-Estonians by 2025 in a country of 1.3 million citizens, the government seeks to boost Estonia’s competitiveness on the global market. Notwithstanding the economic merits of the e-residence scheme, it is worth exploring the implications of e-residence for citizenship. Is e-residence a membership status? Read more.

Bloodlines and Belonging: Time to Abandon Ius Sanguinis? (26/05/2015, EUDO Citizenship)

forum_jus_sanguiniGranting citizenship status to children of citizens may also be desirable as a way of avoiding statelessness, acknowledging special family links and fostering political links between children and the political community of their parents. These apparent advantages of ius sanguinis citizenship are, however, outweighed by a series of problems. In what follows I argue that ius sanguinis citizenship is (1) historically tainted, (2) increasingly inadequate and (3) normatively unnecessary. Read more.

The Facebook test of Romanian citizenship (04/10/2014, EUDO Citizenship)

ROflagThumbsA commentary on the case of Irina Tarasiuc, a singer from the Republic of Moldova, who risks losing her recently acquired Romanian citizenship due to alegedly defamatory declarations on Facebook. Provides background information about Romanian citizenship law – its historical and nationalist underpinning – and a legal-political assessment of the issue of deprivation of citizenship. Read more.

Rolling Back History: The Romanian Policy of Restoration of Citizenship to Former Citizens (15/04/2013, Citizenship in Southeast Europe, CITSEE)

An analysis of the Romanian policy on the restoration on citizenship to former citizens, particularly to those who inhabited the territories lost by Romania in 1940 – Bessarabia, now the Republic of Moldova, Northern Bukovina and Southern Bessarabia, now part of Ukraine. The piece discusses the justifications of the policy and underlines several of its major implications. Read more.